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Simple Spinach Salad

A quick and simple side salad, that needs hardly any planning and can be assembled quickly whilst the rest of your meal is cooking, is an essential dish for easy mid week meals.

If you have a bag of any green leaf salad you can make an interesting salad just from a well stocked store cupboard. Any hard cheese can have shards shaven off with a potato peeler, a semi-soft cheese such as feta or Wensleydale can be broken into cubes, a handful of nuts, seeds, or dried fruit such as cranberries or sultanas can be scattered over top.

And just sticking to one variety of cheese and one of nuts or fruit you can ensure a simple, tasty and visually pleasing dish.

An easy dressing is made by pouring over a little olive oil and then a drizzle of balsamic vinegar save those more complicated dressings for the weekend!

For my Simple Spinach Salad

Baby Spinach leaves - washed and shaken to remove moisture

A handful of pine nuts

Shavings of parmesan (freshly shaved keeps the cheese oily and flavourful)

A good extra virgin olive oil

A good thick Modena balsamic vinegar

A large serving bowl or platter ideally white (this will highlight the fresh green colour of the spinach)

Grab your serving dish and place a large handful per person of the baby spinach leaf. Next dress the leaves with a drizzle of olive oil followed by the balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle over the pine nuts and then finally the shavings of parmesan.

See - easy!

enjoy your day



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