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A Late afternoon in Glen Roy

Back in December - 26th to be precise (always a good day for a walk!) - we went out to Glen Roy. It's about an hour's drive away from our home heading further up into the highlands, for a hike and to enjoy the special dusky light unique to this time of the year in Scotland and Northern countries. I have only just got around to looking at the pictures so here are a few I thought you might enjoy.........

I tried to make the most of this soft half light before dusk. The light gave the landscape a silvery glow, dampening the brighter colours and softening the edges.

It’s a massive landscape to walk in, we are alone here - the only sound was from the river and the occasional call of a raven. The surrounding mountains seem to dampen and swallow up the sounds.

We walked along mostly in silence just absorbing the feeling of the glen.

Glen Roy is an ancient landscape. Created by giant glacial lakes - the shorelines of these lakes can still be seen carved into the rocks as three parallel lines. So if you ever find yourselves in this are it's well worth a visit.

Bye for now



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