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After the storm - a little bit of beach photography

We have had some fairly wild weather these last few weeks - cold grey skies, mizzle most days when it's not actually raining and always wind in various strengths - so it's been very 'Dreich'

(as an aside The Scotsman newspaper describes Dreich as "Wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary or any combination of these - and the word is apparently the most common word used to describe the weather in Scotland!)

However, we are from a strange breed, we love this sort of weather. Don't get me wrong we love the sunshine too but interesting weather, that constantly changes the landscape, whips up the seas and chases the clouds through the sky is my favourite. It can give amazing landscapes and light for photography, it alters our environment giving a new perspective for us to appreciate and when it's too wet, windy and cold for even me to venture out it can force you to stay warm and safe at home, to find new things that need to be done or just to find a cosy corner to read & drink hot chocolate.

Late afternoon we were drawn out for fresh air and a walk on Traigh Beaches, near Arisaig - it's a beautiful place and very busy in the summer with wild campers, but at this time of year it's deserted. The strong winds had altered the look of the beaches dramatically over the last week. Gone were the dry white sands of the summer replace by a grey wet shore covered in long sways of thick brown seaweed. There were no bright bands of millions of tiny seashells along the tide line only large deep water shells washed up and deposited randomly across the beach.

Amongst the many of these shells cast on the beach some had obviously inhabited the sea for many years. They are decorated with calcareous deposits from sea-worms and kelp or oarweed seems to have used the larger shells as an anchor to the seabed.

These casts and footings have given the shells sculptural qualities and with the low winter light, made for beautiful specimen photography.

Of the numerous shells and pebbles these two stood out - showcasing the rich colour of the wrack and set on the grey sand canvas - washed clean by the last tide.

I hope you enjoy these images

Bye for now



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