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An evening stroll

It would be very easy for our world to become this building plot. It’s beautiful here and we have plenty of stuff to do each day filling up our time. But, this is one of our favourite areas in Scotland - one we would head to for our holidays - so each day we try to spend sometime exploring the area - even if it’s just for a half hour stroll on the beach.

A short drive gets us to the ‘Back of Keppoch’ and the beautiful beaches at Traigh. Up until this week, the sands along here have been practically deserted. Just us and a lone dog walker. We wander along the Interlocking beaches listening to waves gently lapping the shore, hearing the cry of the sea birds - oyster catcher, curlew, plover - collecting tiny shells as we go.

This week things have changed, we are not alone anymore. There are colourful tiny tents sprouting along the grassy edges of the beaches, drift wood campfires scent the evening air and camper vans are appearing in the lay-bys. But before I get all precious about my beaches I need to remember that up until recently that was me in that tent or van seeking a little slice of heaven - and the sounds of chatter and laughter are a forgotten sound, a welcome addition to our stroll.

bye for now



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