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An Update......

Well that was an intense few months - we have worked like stink to get our little shipping container house finished (now named 'The Pod') and at the same time we have been working on our new van conversion so it was ready for a term at the Uni.

So first up - what a fantastic summer!

Weather-wise it was spectacular. We had hot sunny days most of July and August which reached well into September - most unexpected in the Scottish Highlands - we had been hoping for the odd days but to have weeks and weeks was perfect.

Our new friends have told us not to expect the same next year, but I don't believe them - I believe they have perpetuated a myth of wet, misty weather with midges just to keep this beautiful area all to themselves! We will just have to wait & see - Now I'm looking forward to the coming winter - the dark evenings are already here and I'm feeling all hygge (or is it Lagom or fika now - I can't keep up) anyway I'm digging out the candles and wooly jumpers all ready to ward off the darkness and wait for the first falls of snow on the mountain tops.

Anyway, back to current activities. We are now back at the Uni - our van is now habitable and our little pod is practically finished - we have a few things to do but nothing major.

Here are a few snap shots of the pod build...........

and decorated - it should make a cosy bolthole whilst building the's even got a bath - absolutely perfect!

As you can probably tell it's heavy on the Ikea - Andrew is still recovering from the 8 hour round trip to Edinburgh Ikea and I have had to promise that from now on it's home delivery only! Whoops - but at least that way I get to order what I like without being asked "what do you want that for" or " do you really like that colour!"........

I'm currently working through our images of the van conversion and I plan to get something 'on paper' for you next week, along with notes on where we are with the real house build.

Bye for now


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The Pad is beautiful! Good job and so happy for you.

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