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And so it begins

Today is a very special day - well for me anyway. Today all our plans start to come into play with the arrival of our first shipping container. This container is full of our ’stuff’ and we were worried about the weight for the crane, the loading distribution etc - we were really precise when we first started packing but nearer the end it was just a case of ‘shove it in’ In my defence some things are not an easy shape to pack.

It’s arrived and there were some issues with the lifting - naturally I was blamed for having to many books etc etc but hey I’m used to that!

It had been an early start, the container left Fort William at eight this morning so we had to be up and ready. Over the last couple of days we have measured the site and placed footings for the containers to sit on. So I’ve been digging holes, carting bags of ballast around, measuring spot heights and generally acting like some builders lackey - apart from a beautiful house the one thing I expected to get from this build is to be fit again!!

Our measurements work out! And the container fitted perfectly - a good and encouraging start for us.

The next step is to open it all up and check it’s all still in one piece!

Now we can relax and await the delivery of the other two containers next week.

Have a great day


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Wonderful start! 😍

Me gusta
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