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As Autumn moves to Winter

The winter sunlight paints the landscape of our new home in beautiful colours. The bracken turned a vibrant orange though the autumn and has now been beaten down by the wind and the rain, the heather has turned a dark brown and the birch trees are back to bare bones white. But in this winter sunshine they are painted in hues of gold and silver all around us.

The loch is a silvery blue.

Across the still waters, the Cuillin of Skye can be seen covered in snow, the air is clear and cold to the nose - it makes me want to take deep breaths and to just stand and absorb this landscape

Behind me the road above our house, winds through more snow covered mountains, I stand and take more photo's, then turn and trudge back home - to cups of spicy hot chocolate - the cup warming my frozen fingered hands.

keep warm & stay safe



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