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Banana Bread Griddle Cakes

I have been really missing going into my kitchen, playing about with ingredients and altering recipes. We are currently limited to a large griddle gas burner to cook on and only keep a few simple store cupboard items, but today I just had to cook something that wasn’t just for our lunch or supper! - it’s in my blood to cook and it can not be suppressed for long!

Today I came up with the banana bread griddle cake. Basically it’s all the flavours of a banana bread but cooked like a welsh cake and it tasted pretty damn good. We had a bunch of bananas that I managed to drop on the way back from the shops, they are rather bruised and battered but perfect for this recipe.

Recipe - makes approx 12 ’cakes’

225g flour (either SR or plain)

(1tsp baking powder if using plain flour)

85g golden caster sugar

1tsp mixed spice

large pinch cinnamon

1 large banana - chopped & slightly mashed

50g butter

1 egg

dash milk handful sultanas

(we are dairy free in this house so the milk was almond and the butter was olive spread)

Measure all the dry ingredients into a bowl and add the chopped banana and butter. Combine together until the banana has broken down and the butter incorporated - I use a flexible whisk to do this. Add the sultanas.

Next add the egg and a dash of milk. Fold into the dry ingredients to make a firm-ish mixture.

Light you griddle plate or a heavy based frying pan, and lightly grease with a little butter.

When hot drop tablespoons of mixture on to the hot plate, lower the heat and let them cook gently for approx 5-7 minutes until a golden brown colour is reached

Flip them over and leave to cook until firm to the touch. Remove and allow to cool before eating - serve as they are or with maple syrup and more chopped banana - with perhaps just a little clotted cream!




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