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Bluebell Hike

Yesterday we grabbed a sunny 5 minutes for a quick walk in the woods above the house.

We had both been glued to our computers most of the day and needed to get some fresh air and sunshine before starting again.

I just wish I could describe the scent of the woodland to you - an amazing spring scent - it had rained earlier and the sun had started to heat the woods bringing out the smells of dead wood, new grass and the bluebells - Andrew used to pick me big bunches of hedgerow flowers before we were married and I can remember the smell of the bluebells filling my cottage - so these flowers have wonderful memories for me.

I'm making the most of these woodlands of flowers here in the Cotswolds, I doubt many grow around our plot in Scotland and if they do the sheep probably think of them as a delicacy!

Have a wonderful day - go for a walk in the woods!


P.S. (or should I say footnote!) For those of you who asked my walking shoes are from Keen


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