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Endings & Beginnings

Strange feelings today - yesterday I was a general manager with a 'not-to-bad-a-salary', today I'm homeless, I have no job, my only wardrobe is in a duffle bag, I'm living at my parents and all my treasured possessions are about 500 miles away, in a storage container, in the Highlands.

But I must admit I'm pretty damn happy, tomorrow we start to put into action all our plans and will pack up the van to head North. Our job this week is to put in temporary foundations/supports for our three shipping containers, these should arrive in the next fortnight. One will be our workshop, one to storing all our stuff (hence forth to be known as either the Mathom House or the room of requirement - depending on it's need at any given moment) and the other will be our home for the next few years whilst we are on site.

We have a tight building area so its really important that we locate the containers in the correct spot. We plan to manoeuvre around them to build the house and space will be tight for machines, deliveries etc - so we really need to get this right.

Obviously it's the home container that will need to be insulated, wired, plumed and furnished. We have already gathered a few items - windows, furnishings etc etc and hopefully we can get it up and running within a month or so...................great optimism is my superpower and my ability to not set deadlines is the other. These powers I have a feeling will be greatly tested over the coming years........

So apart from the snowy, -3C temperatures and the added wind chill predicted for the start of the week, everything should be ready and absolutely be perfect................

the saga will continue.......


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What an amazing adventure! Enjoy every moment. Can't wait to see the set up of the Mathom House & your temporary cosy home!

Liz Avent
Liz Avent
14 de abr. de 2021
Respondendo a

thanks - we are looking forward to it too - it’s very cramped in our camper

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