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Infants, Insects and Insulation.....

Three things have been dominating our lives here this week. First off we have finished insulating our shipping container home (henceforth to be called Saltbox) This appeared to be a relatively easy task, one Andrew thought I could complete on my own (what an optimist) whilst he concentrated on other things - mainly university marking - however, in practice it was a nightmare. To start with I hated the sound when cutting it - like nails on a chalkboard! Then every piece was a different size etc etc so in the end I needed lots of help every evening. But now It is done and we are very pleased with the results.

The second, lambs - lots of lambs. We have yet to install a stock fence so our plot is overrun with these little fellows.

Now let me tell you silence of the lambs is most definitely not the case - These guys really like to make their presence known at around 3am each morning where they coordinate and surround our van. They then bellow as loudly as they possibly can for their mums This is then followed by one of the following a) them hearing Mum and running to her (very occasionally) b) Mum coming and collecting them (extremely occasionally) or c) one of us politely asking them loudly to ‘bugger off’ (usually)

During the day the lambs gamble and play around the plot showing us how cute they can be so we forget and forgive their early morning wake up call - until 3am the following morning when it all starts again.

So now the third and probably the worst thing to happen this week......the midgie arrived ..... in great number, each one bringing all their friends and relations too!

We are both very lucky, having experienced these little guys before and found that neither of us get bitten too badly. However, working with them around is a whole different story, so we have now armed ourselves with a variety of sprays, creams, essential oils and joss sticks - all containing copious amounts of citronella. So if your looking for a investment opportunity I suggest shares in any midgie product - these companies about to see their profits rise!!

And finally our local chip shops is now doing calamari and chips - absolutely fantastic, with the sun out it’s like being in the Greek islands and it’s only a 50 mile round trip to get them!!

bye for now


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