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Last Week ……

So longtime no post …… what have I been up to?

Well whilst I've been waiting for our building warrant and with Andrew working at his real job, I have been out and about in the landscape around our new home and doing that via my photography. Getting to know how the light plays on the hard landscapes during the day has become an obsession - the mica in the local rock reflects the light, bouncing it around and producing wonderful effects - at times rocks appear wet during the hottest of days (a wonderful example of why mica is used as mirror backing)

So today I have chosen a few of my recent images for you.

I’m enjoying having the time to ‘play’ with various cameras/lens, a little editing of the images and trying out the new ideas I’ve been formulating in my mind. Below is a good example of that. I have been watching this bank of sea thrift flowering along the low shoreline of our Loch, Knowing a very high tide was expected I made sure I was able to photograph this flooded flowering shore and along with the most beautiful afternoon sun, I was able to take the most magical images.

As the Highlands change from harsh landscapes to one bursting with life, so my photography has gone from the wider environment to a more portrait/selective style and focused image. I find myself concentrating on the singular flower, animal or inset. It’s fascinating how one’s individuals style can change so radically with the influences of the seasons and my appreciation of the arrival of the summer migrants, fauna and insects is heightened from when I lived in a softer environment in the Tamar Valley.

I try to get out and have a walk with my camera each day, spotting the changes in my environment and learning where I can usually spot an otter or where a bird is nesting. I post daily an image or two from these rambles on my instagram account so if your interested take a look and maybe give me a follow (I always follow back 😀)

Bye for now



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