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One hell of a commute

One of our favourite drives is to head across Rannock Moor and in to Glencoe before heading up the Scottish west coast and on to the Western Isles or North coast.

It's hard to believe that this route is now our commute to work & for family visits, all be it not a daily or even weekly trip but it will be the road we take to head back to the office.

These images have been taken during lockdown - we are so used to sharing the moor and especially Glencoe, with many coaches of tourists, walkers, climbers etc, etc. It has been a privilege to drive through this area and be the only ones around, to stand at the top of Glencoe and only hear the sounds of the landscape - the wind, a waterfall, the cry of an eagle, I doubt very much if we will ever experience this again. Yesterday tourists were starting to come back and the sound of vehicles once again filled the valley.

Over the last few months we have witnessed the landscapes during snow storms, rain and wind, blazing sun, amazing sunrises and sunsets - each mood holds its own beauty and drama - it is an inspiring place to be if you love your photography

Lastly, one of our favourite choice of image framing during a road trip, is the 'wing-mirror-view' We have loads of these images and I thought I'd share this one with you - It's always good to see where you been and not just where your heading!

Enjoy your day


Images courtesy of Andrew Avent


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