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A stolen week on Orkney.

A visit to Orkney used to be a well planned trip. Heading there for our two week summer holiday, a time away from our respective jobs. It was well organised, dreamt about over the winter and looked forward to. We would pore over maps - where would we visit? what should we see, must revisits etc. It felt like a major expedition, everything packed for any eventuality. It was at least a two day drive from our home in Cornwall with ferries booked and everything scheduled well in advance.

But now I can get there on a whim, I can rock up at the ferry without a booking - did they have room? can they fit me on this sailing? It feels strange and slightly forbidden, like throwing a sickie to spend a day in the sun or watch a final day of a test match. Naughty but somewhat exciting!

I’m not complaining, that’s one of the reasons for moving here - to be nearer to the places and environments we love. And I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it and spend time in these wonderful places.

Ring of Brodgar

Here are a few of my latest Orkney images

St Margaret’s Hope shoreline

Burray Dunes

Birsay Barn

enjoy your day



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