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Photo Book review

If your anything like me you will have hundreds if not thousands of digital photo's sat on your computer, iPhone or memory cards - we are all obsessed with taking them. All are lovingly created to remember holidays, trips and special occasions. However, apart from the odd one that gets printed or used as a desktop image, many don't get to see the light of day again - which is a pity - thinking back some of my favourite times with my grandparents was sitting and looking through family photo's in albums and it would be wonderful to be able to do this again.

Therefore, when I was approached by Saal Digital to produce my own photo book from their professional range and to offer a review, I jumped at the chance.

Deciding to focus on one subject for the album, I chose to collate some of my countless images taken on our various trips to Iceland and to produce a coffee table style book to look through, enjoy and remember.

So how do you go about making an album? Well Saal Professional Line offer a range of formats to choose from - portrait, landscape etc - and although they suggest a number of pages for your album at the start you can add or subtract whilst you go. There are many options for covers and styles - all giving a modern and professional looks - I chose to have one of my images on the cover in an acrylic format (when it arrived I was very impressed with the depth and lustre this style of cover produced)

All these options are there for you to choose when you start your project but don't worry you are able to adjust as you go or if you change your mind before submitting for printing.

Once you have selected your look, it's time to start adding your images to the album. The Saal professional line phonebook offers you three options, you can use their online PDF upload program to drag and drop images, you can download their design software or you can use their digital uk app.

I opted for the download design software, but also had a look at the online program too. Both I found easy to use - although the online version worked best when my internet was uptown speed! I enjoyed working my way through the many layout options on offer. To be perfectly honest the most difficult part was choosing what images to use and the ease of adding more pages was both a blessing and a curse if you want to stick to a budget!!

So pro's and con's ...........


  • Easy to use format

  • Offers a very professional feel and look to your images

  • Colour reproduction was excellent

  • Many styles, layouts and options to choose from

  • Options of ways to create - computer, phone app, tablet etc

  • Fast printing service


  • Print quality wasn't as crisp on larger images (overall the quality was good though)

  • Shipping cost was high compared with other companies

Overall I really enjoyed the experience of using Saal Digital Professional Line to create my photo book and i liked the overall impression and quality of the print - i have already started compiling images for my next album which really is the best endorsement I can make.

This was a sponsored post for Saal Digital


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