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Planned to Perfection

We have finally settled on our house design and drawn up the plans. It’s mind blowing to me to see the simple sketches and ideas I have held in my head all these years appear in a ‘really-grown-up-proper-architects-plan’

We have stuck with a very simple design. It will be filled with as much natural light as possible with large windows, an open plan layout and the decor will be based on modern Scandinavian - all very Enki magazine and Ejner Larsen with a smattering of Tove Jansen thrown in for good measure! (all my time spent with Pinterest boards Needs to pay off)

We have decided to use standing seam zinc to clad the roof and side walls - we have chosen zinc for many reasons, the aesthetics was one, I love the look weathered zinc gives a property. This metal also needs no looking after - once in place it’s there for many, many years - no maintenance what’s so ever. Having had to live with an old Cornish slate roof for 25years, this is a big positive. The other advantage we like is the environment side of zinc - it’s apparently 100% recyclable.

The front faces of the building will be clad in vertical cedar strips and we love the juxtaposition between the metal and the wood. This along with the large expanse of glass the windows give, the property should have a modern, contemporary look that will hopefully sit comfortably into the Scottish landscape.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our plot sits with the views of the sea to the north and mountains to the other 3 sides. So we have decided to go with large windows facing north for the views but build the house to form a u-shaped south facing courtyard. This is to capture as much warmth from the sun as possible.

So there you have it - those are our plans and they have now gone off to the planners for their scrutiny - we hope they will love them as much as we do and the emphasis we have placed on sustainability, eco-living etc on our build will help.

Have a great day


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