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RSPB - Birdwatch

This weekend I will be taking part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch - I do it every year. It's just a hour out of my weekend to see what visits our garden in that time - and to be perfectly honest we will probably be doing that anyway so might as well record it!

Bird watching has been a constant through out my life, I can remember watching and feeding the birds from a very young age - from going with my grandparents (as most children do) to feed the various ducks on the mote around Caerphilly Castle and at home we always used to feed the birds in the garden. I can remember seeing what birds would eat what foods - apples for the blackbirds, suet for the robins and currents for the starlings - I used to raid mums store cupboards for various additions to their diet - I recall porridge oats, dried mixed fruit and nuts forming one meal and the guinea pig's food forming another. As we got older we would make fat feeders to hang from the bird table along with half coconuts.

This love of garden birds has stayed with me - the first things we did after driving onto our new building plot was to hang up various feeders - our stamp to make the plot ours and to feel like home - I wondered if a move from the Tamar Valley in Cornwall up to the Highlands of Scotland would mean a loss in small bird numbers but we have been surprised by the variety of birds visiting our feeders and 'garden' - many species from blue and cole tit to tree creeper, siskin, many chaffinch and great spotted woodpecker to name just a few.

However, one thing that I have observed over the years is the changes of population in various species - both a decline & increase in numbers - the greenfinch for one has decline dramatically but others have increased in numbers such as the wren. This birdwatch run by the RSPB is so important for getting a better idea for the small bird population in the UK

So if you too would like to take part in this years birdwatch and have an hour to spare this weekend when you can just sit, watch and record the birds arriving in your garden - or any green space - off your balcony or even outside your van or canal barge - then please head over to the RSPB bird watch 2022 site.

Whatever you choose to do

Enjoy your time with nature this weekend

Liz x


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