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Skógáfoss - one of the most dramatic of waterfalls in southern Iceland. I rediscovered some photographs taken on our first trip to here many years ago - it wasn't as popular to visit here then and wondrous places like this hadn't become an instagram must!

These pictures really struck me - they were empty of people - no tourists coaches or groups of route 1 road trippers - it's incredible how quickly a country can change when they become tourist destinations.

Skógáfoss is situated just off route 1 on the way to Vik. This craggy cliff face is an ancient sea-cliff abandoned when the seas retreated leaving a 200ft fall for the Skógá river to plunges over - on sunny days rainbows can be seen in the endless spray.

Because it's in Iceland there has to be a legend or two attached to it. Supposedly a treasure chest is buried in a cave behind the waterfall, hidden there by one of the first viking settlers, another legend tells about the trolls guarding the waterfall now petrified in rock once the suns rays hit them and I'm sure there are many other sagas told about Skógafoss involving the elves, or great viking deeds, maybe hiding various yule lads or fiery gods - with such a dramatic and inspiring setting like this who can blame them!



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