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Spiced Fruity Slaw - dairy free

When you are living in a van it's really easy to go down the simple ready meal route - jars of sauce for pasta, packets of flavoured rice or salads like coleslaw and couscous. Whilst these are fine and do have their place they are also more expensive than making them myself and they can be packed with sugars and salts - which we don't really want in our diet.

Also we both now are trying to avoid dairy, for one of us it's because on an intolerance but as a result we are both feeling healthier for it - and so much food has dairy in one form or another so it's also easier to make meals from scratch.

So here's my spicy dairy free slaw.......

This makes up a massive batch that can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days

- 1 small white cabbage

- 3 carrots

- bunch of spring onions - approx 6 or 7

- handful of raisins or sultanas

- a handful of mixed seeds - sunflower, pumpkin etc

- 100g coconut Yogurt (this is pure coconut, dairy free - I use coconut collaborative) You can use natural yogurt here if your not dairy free or vegan)

- 100g low fat mayo (for vegan just double coconut yog)

- 1 tablespoon of curry paste or a teaspoon of curry powder

- juice of a lime

- sprinkle of cider vinegar or lemon juice - approx a tablespoon

- freshly ground black pepper and a little salt

First peel your carrots and either slice into thin sticks or grate into a bowl. Finely shred your cabbage and next your spring onions - mix all together and sprinkle with the vinegar or lemon juice add a pinch of salt. Mix and set aside for all to slightly pickle whilst you make the dressing.

Grab a large mixing bowl and mix together the yogurt, mayo, curry paste and lime juice. Taste and add black pepper with salt if you wish.

Mix the vegetables into the curry mix along with the sultanas and seeds. Make sure all is well mixed, taste and season again if need be, cover and pop in the fridge. Leave for about an hour before serving.

Goes well with everything really, especially barbecue.

An easy peasy recipe to start the week



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