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The Art of the Ice Crystals

These patterns and designs in ice stopped me in my tracks.

We were out walking along the Turret river in the Highlands one afternoon just before dusk - which come early here this time of year - but gives us a amazing pre-dusk light. This light is sometimes referred to as 'the blue hour' although it could also be called 'the pink hour' a very valuable and beautiful time that gives a tranquility to the surroundings and I find it perfect for photography.

Anyway back to the ice .........

The ice had formed around boulders in the slow moving river, allowing the crystals to grow into fingers forming intricate patterns that seemed to float above the water and encase the rocks - whilst taking in these icey forms I started to ponder - is this a juxtapose between the fragility of the ice and the strength of the rock, or the story of the boulder being formed by glaciation and now encased in ice again or even the volcanic nature of the rock bringing in the granite crystals formed by fire and the water crystals by ice - maybe reflecting the worlds formed by fire and ice............

I decided I was getting too deep and just to get on and take some pictures........

I took many images, playing around with the angles and light. When looking at the pictures later - viewing on a larger screen - I was struck by how the these ice plates had formed such beautiful sculpture and art - worthy of any gallery.

The low light levels make the ice glow out and help trace and highlight their angles. The water gently flowing under the ice had melted parts of their base, lifting them up, making the appearance of levitation above the water and throw reflections of their ice crystals back onto the water.

One or two of these images will probably find their way onto our walls when we have walls again!

I really love this one.......... the distinct direction and form of each crystal is beautiful

Hope you enjoyed them too



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