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The Aurora

One of the great experiences during the Highland winter is the 'Northern Lights', or aurora borealis , known as 'Mirrie Dancers' in Orkney and Shetland

A few weeks ago we were treated to the most amazing display - a rare blood or ruby red event that lasted well into the night.

Northern Scotland - the Highlsnds where we live - actually lies at the same latitude as Stavanger in Norway and Nunivak Island in Alaska, which means that we are often in with a good chance of spotting the "Mirrie Dancers"

I was aware the chances of seeing the lights were high that evening but we were amazed at how bright and easy to see they were with the naked eye.

The above three images were taken looking across towards the inner Hebrides and the two below were from our garden.

We were in such a rush to head out and watch the lights all I had with me was my phone to capture the images - my iPhone 12 pro - it did an amazing job.

Best hint is to set it on the longest exposure (max is 10 seconds) and brace your arm to hold as still as possible - I used the van to lean against. Yes I know I could use a tripod etc but sometimes you only have your phone and let's face it these days those phone images are fantastic.

Enjoy your day



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