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The small things .......

Instead of focusing on the big things around me for photographic inspiration I decided to spend a day looking to the small things and found myself disappearing into the incredible world of lichen hidden around our garden. To be frank I would normally over look these tiny plants, but now I've been studying them for the last few hours, the richness of colour and their intricate & varied structure means that I'm going to be looking 'small' more often.

These little guys have also made me realise how ignorant I am regarding lichens. I always consider myself fairly knowledgeable of my natural world - bugs, birds, botanics etc - I can name most (except ducks - I'm rubbish at those) but obviously not where lichens are concerned - I knew these plants were of that family but I have no idea what individual varieties are named - I see a book purchase in my near future!

In the mean time I'm just going to sit back and enjoy their multitude of colours, structures and forms before I get out my books and educate myself.

Bye for now



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