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We’ve got the power......

This week we got our generator up and running - which in a ironic twist happened the day the local transformer caught fire and all the properties in the area lost power - so we are feeling somewhat smug working away with power tools and running a microwave!

Other stuff we did this week

We finished the uprights in the shipping container and added the plumbing and electrics

And I learnt to use a glue gun

Andrew went on a hike up a mountain

Then we went for a walk on a beach

I made a batch of welsh griddle cakes & Andrew ate a batch of welsh griddle cakes

The artic terns have arrived in our Loch

Mum & Dad visited (twice!)

Dad and I built a work bench and then Andrew used it

There have been amazing sunsets this week

It was warm enough (just) for breakfast outside

And finally

I realised yesterday I was missing the Eurovision semi finals!


On the plus side we should have unlimited broadband from Saturday I could watch the final!

Obviously I will be supporting Iceland

Bye for now



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